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Bigbang’s “Fantastic Baby” includes references to Korean children’s play chants (not sure of what to call this). Basically, these are just songs or chants that children sing or say when they’re playing (similar to the Cinderella chant in jump roping: Cinderella, dressed in yella, went upstairs to kiss her fella...)

The very first line of the song (“여기 붙어라”) is translated “Come together,” but literally it translates, “Attach here” (여기 = Here, 붙어라 = Attach). In the MV, at that part (Yeogi buteora), GD holds up his thumb. In Korea, the children say “여기 붙어라/Attach here” and put out their fists with their thumbs up, just like GD does in the MV. Usually, the children say, “Those who want to play [game], attach here.” Then other children who want to play that game will come and literally attach themselves to the child by wrapping their hand around that child’s thumb, and sticking out their own thumb upwards, so another person can do the same thing to attach (like so).

“Fantastic Baby” references a popular children’s play chant, called “동네 한 바퀴.” The first lines are “다 같이 놀자, 동네 한 바퀴” - the very first words, “다 같이 놀자,” is translated, “let’s all play together.” This is sung by GD in “Fantastic Baby”: “다 같이 놀자  (Ye Ye Ye) 다 같이 뛰자  (Ye Ye Ye)/Let’s all play together (Ye Ye Ye) let’s all jump together (Ye Ye Ye)” Children often sing “동네 한 바퀴” when they’re playing games, like on a jump rope.

I just wanted to point out one of Teddy and GD’s brilliant ideas in making this fantastic song. ♡ 

this happened before they filmed Secret Garden parody

and finally… they really kissed :3 

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